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Branch Introduction

Introduction to the Party organization and the labor union organization of Yongpeng Technology

Yongpeng Technology established its Party branch in June, 2011 and started its party construction process. In December 2012, the branch was upgraded to a general party branch with three branches of Yongpeng Party Branch A, Yongpeng Party Branch B and Yongpeng Joint Party Branch. At present, it has 65 party members; among them, party members with a bachelor’s degree or higher account for more than 85%, party members of administrative posts occupy more than 40% while professional and technical party members account for more than 50%. In March 2010, Yongpeng Technology set up its labor union organization.

After the establishment of the party organization, Yongpeng Technology closely combine enterprise development realities with continuous exploration of party construction ideas and methods under the support of management layers. It gradually established its functional orientation and mechanism with the features of Yongpeng. The leading of culture, the talent cultivation and the employee caring ways provide ideological guarantee and mental strength for the scientific development of the enterprise.

Party Branch in Company integrates the operation of the party organization and that of the labor union to organize and lead the labor union organization to carry out activities so as to improve the quality of employees and to boost the development of the enterprise. The general party branch of the company has been awarded as “Advanced Basic-Level Party Organization” for two consecutive years. It is a party organization demonstration unit for All-Star Party committees of communities in Northern New District of Chongqing.

Our Party construction idea

Party conception shall be integrated into great decisions of the enterprise;
There shall be party members working in the management level of the enterprise;
The concern of the Party shall be felt by enterprises’ employees;
The Party shall play a role in striving for enterprise development achievements;

Our working philosophy

Contribute ideas and exert efforts
Participate in the management;
Escort for your travels;
Make a difference.