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Engineering Construction Service

        In recent years, along with the updating & upgrading of communication technology, we have been in line with the service philosophy of “safety first and quality oriented” from the original cellular communications to comprehensive construction of 4G engineering at present, and cultivated a batch of communication construction teams which can fight a battle and can fight a hard battle.

        We have provided construction services for operators (Mobile, Telecom & Unicom), mainstream equipment manufacturers (Huawei, ZTE & Ericsson), China Tower, radio & TV, orbit, etc. in many provinces and cities in succession, and been widely accepted by customers in the industry.

Engineering construction services provided by us mainly include:

· Installation, supervision, debugging & testing of wireless equipment (2G, 3G, 4G, etc.), transmission equipment, core network equipment, computer network equipment, etc.
·Full-service class (LAN, special line of group customer, WLAN, transmission access of indoor distribution system, generic cabling, etc.)
· Laying of telecommunication line & communication pipeline
· Iron tower and related supporting construction