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Network Maintenance Service

        Network quality is the life guaranteeing the competitive advantages of each operator. Along with the expansion of network scale of each operator and complication of network structure, network maintenance plays a fundamental role in the aspect of improving network quality. We have been dedicated to network maintenance for over 10 years, accumulated rich management experience & technical standard, and cultivated a batch of professional teams of great fighting capacity. We have the capacity of providing full-service & multi-manufacturer communication equipment maintenance service and technical support, becoming one of the most powerful network maintenance service suppliers in southwest region.

        The company has provided network maintenance services for operators (Mobile, Telecom & Unicom), mainstream equipment manufacturers (Huawei, ZTE & Ericsson), public security, electric system, etc. in many provinces & cities in succession, and won good reputation among customers.

Network maintenance services provided by us mainly include:

  • · Maintenance of base station and its supporting facilities
    · Transmission pipeline maintenance
    · Data equipment maintenance
  • · Fixed network maintenance
    · Maintenance of power supporting facilities
    · Centralized monitoring of computer room
  • · Maintenance of repeater and indoor distribution system
    · Private network maintenance
    · Opening & maintenance of private network & customer premises network