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Social Responsibility

        The management master Drouth says that social responsibility is one of the three purposes for the existence of an enterprise. The company, based on the enterprise mission of “serving the society, contributing to the society, benefiting the society and paying back to the society”, has paid back to the society, customers & employees by practical actions, positively participated in programs for public good such as beneficent funds, fund-raising activities, disaster relief work, etc., practiced the enterprise’s social responsibility by public welfare behaviors full of positive energy, and promoted the enterprise’s value pursuit.


         For the lives of the poor, health care for employees and their families. In 2012, the company set up a "Yongpeng Charity Foundation" as a benefit and return caring staff and the community. And as a carrier, called and called on employees lend a helping hand, the "love and promote harmony" activities, has undertaken to Nepal earthquake, families of employees of major injuries surgery, Pengshui Long Beach Hope Primary School, difficult employees condolences and other contributions donations activities. It has accumulated more than 10 million donation.


        After more than ten years’ development, Yongpeng Technology continues to grow and expand, and at the same time, it also focuses on  integrating its social responsibility to all kinds of production and business operation activities of the company. Yongpeng Technology always tries its best to provide good safeguard mechanism, superior working environment and colorful recreational and sports activities to its staff, so as to  create a harmonious employment environment. It devotes itself to growing into a good enterprise model. 

  • Provide good welfare safeguard mechanism for employees

            Yongpeng Technology provides provide good safeguard mechanism for its staff. It not only ensures that its staff can participate in basic social insurances (five social insurances and one house fund) but also buys high-price commercial insurances for first-line staff at home and abroad, so as to guarantee safety of their personal property.

  • Create a harmonious working environment for employees

            Based on employees and care for people. The company creates  a good working environment and a harmonious cultural environment for its employees. It advocates its staff to “learn and grow as you work and embody your value as you devote yourself”, so as to create a harmonious and healthy family.

  • Carry out rich and colorful corporate culture activities


    Focusing on the Party-building work, the company combines Party building with its production operation when it carries out its culture activities. The company allocates special funds to carry out leisure activities of the staff regularly each year, including the organization of sports contests of badminton, basketball and table tennis, the implementation of mountain-climbing activities, knowledge contests, leisure garden tours, talent shows and other recreational and sports activities. In addition, according to different subjects and activities, it also organizes its employees to submit their writing and participate in solicit articles and other thematic cultural activities, so as to provide rich and colorful amateur cultural life for all people in Yongpeng Technology.


         When the snow disaster or the earthquake hit the south of China, Yongpeng Technology always actively responded to the call at the first time to help the local people and to fight against natural disasters together with them. In January, 2008, a snow disaster hit the south of China, Yongpeng Technology dispatched a relief team of more than 100 people there. They gave up the reunion opportunity to stay together with their family members in New Year' Day and the Spring Festival. They climbed the mountain with the equipment of more than 50kg on their shoulders and they fought against the cold. Finally, they successfully completed the glorious mission of snow disaster relief work and ensured effective communications in the first time.

         In May, 2008, a violent earthquake of Grade 7.8 hit Wenchuan county, Sichuan province. Yongpeng Technology organized an earthquake disaster relief team of more than 120 engineers at the first time. The general manager took the lead personally to go to the anti-seismic front line. They were not afraid of the danger of collapse, the falling of dangerous buildings and the aftershocks and set up many temporary mobile base stations in the disaster zone. When the earthquake victims got through the first telephone and heard family concerns, they tightly held both hands of the engineers and cried. We were keenly aware of the important responsibility that we shoulder because disaster situations of the disaster area tightly affected the hearts of our employees.

         Centennial World Olympic Games, the holy flame for a century. In order to ensure the effective communication during that sacred moment, Yongpeng people struggled hard day and night to guarantee the smooth delivery of the Olympic flame and the unimpeded communications along many cities and regions.