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Communication instrument

  • AAcquisition terminal product

    base station engineering parameter acquisition terminal, as a professional base station engineering parameter acquisition terminal specially customized for communication operators and private network base station maintenance & optimization personnel, is equipped with abundant function modules and can realize multi-data acquisition, including rapid measurement of parameters such as longitude & latitude, elevation, hanging height, azimuth angle, mechanical downward inclination angle, electronic downward inclination angle, etc. The instrument can also be used together with the background.

  • BIndustrial Router

    industrial data acquisition gateway, as one of the IOT products, has integrated various functions such as on-site data acquisition, secure routing, industrial Ethernet exchange, industrial serial port, intelligent protocol processing, etc. The product also has VPN function, which can realize the transmission of communication data in secure IPSec VPN tunnel to prevent the data from being eavesdropped or tampered. With built-in layering safety measures, it can provide higher security for network application.

  • CLimit carrier

    limit carrier wireless communication module, designed for IOT sensor network, is featured by high sensitivity, low power consumption, simple & stable network structure and strong anti-jamming capability, solving the difficulty of widescreen asynchronous weak signal reception and combining the most advanced modern digital communication technology. It has wide application prospects in IOT sensor network industrialization application field, especially suitable for automatic meter reading system in the building of reinforced concrete structure. With strong through-wall capacity, it can completely meet the application demand of one concentrator covering multiple nodes on one floor or several floors. The LOS communication distance can reach 10-20km and it’s also applicable to the transmission of outdoor sensor signal and control signal.