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Network Optimization Service

        Wireless network optimization is an important means to improve network signal quality. Along with the rapid increase of mobile communication users, end users have higher and higher requirements on network communication quality, and mobile operators have also carried out large-scale network optimization work aiming at improving the user’s perception and proposed assessment criteria for various main indexes. Network optimization has played a critical role in the aspect of improving network quality. The company has always been dedicated to mobile network optimization service, with profound understanding on & rich practical experience in wireless network, and has collected & cultivated a batch of expert-class network optimization technical teams through years’ technical & experience accumulation. 95% of the technicians have accepted professional training & certification of Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, Alcatel and other companies, and the company is capable of carrying out cross-technology, multi-network-system & multi-manufacturer equipment full-service optimization service business. We have established close strategic partnership with Huawei, ZTE and Ericsson, becoming a leading third-party network optimization service supplier in southwest region.

        The company has cooperated with national operators & equipment manufacturers in many provinces & cities and foreign operators in succession. With many successful cooperation cases with many operators & equipment manufacturers, it has been accepted by customers for many times.

Network optimization services provided by us mainly include:

  • · Network evaluation
    · Network optimization
    · General survey of network
  • · Network index monitoring
    · Network index optimization
    · Complaint handling
  • · Maintenance guarantee
    · Various routine maintenance & optimization services, including various tests
    · Various complicated special optimization solutions